Department of Medicine
For general diseases like fevers, cough, pain in abdomen etc.

Department of Surgery 
For all types of operations on the body.

Neuro Surgery 
For operations on Brain, Spine and accidental cases.

Trauma and Emergency Care
For patients road accident, gun shot, stab injury, poisoning etc.

Department of Obstetrics & gynecology 
for delivery caesarean Section and other female diseases including cancer.

Department of Pediatrics
for all the diseases of infants and children.

Department of Orthopedics
for all diseases of bones, fractures, polio correction etc.

Department of ENT
For all diseases of Ear, Nose, and Throat.

Department of Ophthalmic
For diseases of eye including cataract, eye sight, glaucoma etc.

Department of Skin Diseases

Department of Chest & Tuberculosis
For diseases of lungs

Department of psychiatry
for mental illness

Department of Plastic surgery
for removal of scars, cleft lips, cleft palate, cosmetic surgery

Department of Pathology & Microbiology
for all investigations of blood, cytology, histopathology.

Department of Radio Diagnosis
For X-Ray, Ultrasound, CT scan, Mammography,Digital X-Ray and MRI

OPD Block 
A huge OPD complex has been provided with waiting lounge and separate reception counters for males & female patients. It can cater to more than 1500 OPD patients daily. It has separate examination rooms, for all medical fields, seperate dressing room, injection rooms, dark room, room for eye-testing, child rehabilitation room, Child guidance room, immunization room, Cancer clinic, maternity room, antenatal check up room, audiology room, EKG room etc. This block has 10 demonstration rooms also where detailed study of difficult cases (patients) can be done, in each medical field, by group of specialists.

Emergency Block (Casualty Block)
It has emergency operation theatre with emergency ward for male & female patients. The ward is provided with central oxygen and central suction along with emergency trolleys, pulse oxymeters, non invasive blood pressure monitors & defibrillators, X-ray & Laboratory. A 5 bedded airconditioned casulty ICU is also available here with multi parameter monitors and ventilators.

ICU(Intensive Care Unit)
A 8 bedded airconditioned ICU is available with 3 ventilators. These beds have cardiac monitors, NIBP, Pulse Oxymeters, Syringe Pumps, Infusion Pumps, Defibrillators etc. Central oxygen, Central suction and compressed air is provided on all beds.

Burn Ward 
it has 4 beds. Each bed is provided with cradles and emergency care system.

ICCU(Intensive Coronary Care Unit)
It has 14 beds all equipped with imported multi Parameter monitors with Ecg,SPo2,NIBP,Temprature,respiration,Defibrillators,Central Nursing(CNS) Station, Echocardiogram, Ventrilators, Holter monotoring are also available.

Operation Theatres
Total 10  operation theaters available. These operation theaters are airconditioned and are fitted with most modern life saving equipments like imported operation lights ( Hanaulux – Germany), imported operation tables (Eschhman, UK), ‘C’ arm image intensifier (Philips) operating microscopes (carl ziess), imported anesthesia machines (ohmeda) with ventilators, anesthesia gas monitors, oxygen monitors, pulse oxymeters, NIBP, General Surgical diathermy along with central oxygen and central suction.

There are more then 600 general beds and 36 private rooms located in different blocks. All Major wards have nurse duty room, doctor duty room, procedure room, pantry and laboratory. All the duty rooms are well connected through EPABX lines to all other facilities.

General Facilities
A 256 lines EPABX system has been installed with telephones & intercoms in all departments, including X ray, pathology emergency services, reception, Public announcement system with in the whole hospital. All the reception areas and patient record system is fully computerised with the help of online computers. Hospital has huge parking area big beautiful lawns, own HT transformer and 4 generators to ensure 24 hours availability of power.

Medical Store ( Hospital Pharmacy)
Big medical stores are available on each floor of the hospital which work round the clock and supply quality medicines at economical price.

Department of Medicines
For all the patients of general diseases like fever, Pain, TB, abdominal pain, weakness, cough etc. Facility for fiber optic endoscopy (gastroscopy) is also available. ECG is also available.

Department of General surgery
It has facilities for all general operations, cancer operations, operations of plastic surgery, operations on gall bladder, abdominal operation, operation on oral cavity, limbs, face and other parts of the body. Laparoscopic surgery is also available for gall bladder abdominal operation, operation on oral cavity, limbs, face and other parts of the body.Laparoscopic surgery is also available for gall bladder and other diseases.

Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology
It has facilities for examination of pregnant woman, normal delivery, caesarian section, colposcopy, treatment of infertility, tubectomy, family planning laparoscopic diagnosis, laparoscopic surgery, internal bleeding, tumors of uterus, ovary etc. Fetal monitoring with CTG facility also available.

Department of Orthopedics
It has facilities for treatment of Joint Pain, Sciatica, Pain in neck, back, fracture, plaster and surgery using ‘C’ arm image intensifier. Hip replacement, Knee replacement, nailing planting etc is also available.

Department of Pediatrics
It has facilities for neonatal care and treatment of children of all ages. A 6 bedded modern nursery with infant ventilators ,servo controlled radiant heat warmer, pulse oxymeters, Phototherapy etc. is also available. A 5 bedded pediatrics ICU with multi parameter monitor and ventilators.

Department of Ophthalmics
it has facilities of testing of all eye diseases using latest important machines like Ergovision eye tester, Topcon slitlamp, Tinsley perimeter, fundus camera, eye scan, indirect ophthalmoscope etc. Facilities for operations in eye for cataract, glaucoma squint is also available. Cataract operations are being done using Carl Zeiss and Carl Storz ophthalmic microscope and imported surgical design phaco machines.

Department of ENT
It has facilities to diagnosis of diseases of ear, nose and throat. It has siemens audiology machine for testing of hearing capability. It has imported Microscope for operations of ear, nose and throat. Tympanoplasty, Mastoidectomy and Tonsillectomy etc. are being done. ENG , BERRA , Audiometery are also available here.

Department of Pathology
It has latest computerised machines and auto analysers for Testing of blood, culture, cytology, FNAC, biopsy etc. Elisa reader for hormonal assay is also available. Facilities for frozen section histopathology also available.

Blood Bank
An ultramodern blood bank has been established in the hospital for supply of good quality Blood round the clock. It has all the facilities for testing of blood and modern equipments for blood donation.Blood components are also available.

Department of Radio Diagnosis
It has 12 different X ray machines of 500 MA & 300 MA(fixed), 100MA (Mobile) & 20MA (Portable) X-ray facilities are available round the clock. 3 black & white ultrasound and 2 color doppler is also available for quality diagnosis. Mammography for breast X-Ray and CT scan also available.Digital X-Ray and latest Hitachi Aperto Lucent MRI are also available

Three canteens, general store and laundry is also available in the hospital premises to provide food and other services to patients and their relatives as well as medical students..
Dental College in name of Institute of Dental Sciences is available in the same campus. Hundreds of patients attend the OPD of Dental college daily to get world class dental treatment. Facilities of special X-ray like orthopentograph. Radiovisiography are available only in this college in the city. 250 dental chairs are available for excellent patient care.

Whole campus has hundreds of beautiful plants, big plush green lawns, metal roads and huge play ground to play cricket/football/hockey etc. Hostels have facilities for gymnasium table tennis, badminton, T.V. room etc. A big Auditorium with 900 seating capacity is available in the campus for cultural events, and academic conferences with multimedia projector.